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In 1985, while growing up in Salt Lake City, I brought my mom's old 1960's Guild classical guitar to my first lesson.  I told my instructor that I wanted to learn "My Generation" by the Who.  He kindly obliged.  Over the next month or so I would bring in cassette tapes of Who songs, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC.  It wasn't long until he told me I needed an electric guitar.  If he did not know the song, he would listen by ear and figure it out. I watched him do this for two years before I moved up to Olympia to go to The Evergreen State College.  

It was at TESC that I got turned on to the Grateful Dead, and like my instructor before me, I learned many of their songs by ear.  At this time I developed my improvisational style, albeit somewhat limited.

After college I began my guitar studies with Tim Eickholt at Yenney Music.  I learned to read, perform and arrange music of all styles.  I developed a thorough understanding of fretboard theory (C-A-G-E-D) and music theory.

In 1999 I began teaching guitar, and soon learned that playing and teaching are two different things altogether.  Over the last fifteen years I have developed and refined my approach to teaching, and continually am rewarded witnessing my student's discoveries and renewed love of the instrument.

I have performed throughout my career in many ways:  from camp fires to open mics, bar stages, lounges and festivals, weddings and funerals, retirement homes and country clubs.  I am a singer/songwriter and have played solo acoustic, in rock and roll bands, jazz duos and trios, and countless solo performances of jazz, classical, folk, country, blues, pop, doo-wop, and holiday tunes for restaurants and private gatherings. I really enjoy writing and performing solo arrangements for guitar.


The seeds that were silent all burst into bloom and decay...
— Robert Hunter