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I have taught guitar professionally for over 15 years.  I teach all ages and skill levels.  Beginners are always encouraged to learn how fun it can be to play guitar!  My students join with a variety of interests, from those who want to strum and sing songs, to those who want to compose, improvise or play solo arrangements of a variety of styles: pop, jazz, classical, blues, country and rock (to name a few).  My students learn to read standard music notation, helping them to become more fluent musicians.  They learn fretboard theory and technique, allowing them freedom to explore the guitar more effortlessly.  They also learn music theory, which can be applied to the simplest melody or the most complex arrangement.

Having this foundation helps with applying musical ideas freely, whether they are learning Bach or Hendrix, Ellington or The Beatles or arranging and composing their own song. Some method books I use include:  Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 1 & 2, Ernie Ball: How To Play Guitar Phase 1 & 2,  Berklee Series: A Modern Method For Guitar Volume 1 & 2, The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Volume 1 & 2, Matteo Carcassi Classical Guitar Method, Op. 59 & Op. 60.


I also teach Ukulele.  Strumming chords and playing melodies is a lot of fun!  I also write solo arrangements of popular songs for ukulele!

I use Daniel Ho's method book for ukulele:  Ukulele at School.


Mondays at 6:00 p.m.